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SmartJet 1615, 1x DX5, 160cm, EcoSolvent, MY 2018

SmartJet 1615, 1x DX5, 160cm, EcoSolvent, MY 2018

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List Number: CGSJ1615
Warranty:12 months
List price:€11 086.63
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Large format EcoSolvent printer SmartJet 1615, 1x DX5, 160cm

Selling price includes:

  Printer SmartJet 1615
  Printer driver PrintExp + USB key
  RIP PhotoPrint DX + USB key
  Bulk system for ink supply
  Dryer (infra + fans)
  Double motors take up system for rolls up to 50kg
  Power supply cord
  Installation at customer place
  Operator training
  Making three ICC profiles tailored to customer
  Warranty 12 month at installation place

Selling price does not include:

  Transport from our warehouse to installation place

Basic features:

  Epson DX5 (1440 nozzles/1440dpi) Japan print head.
  Printing technology with variable-sized droplets for minimum granularity and enjoyable gradations on the printouts (smallest droplet 3,5pl, the largest droplet 27pl.
  Advanced system to eliminate banding.
  Permanent ink delivery system with large reservoirs, without chips.
  We offer several kinds of inks in different price ranges for different applications. 
  The highest print quality in all modes will always get InkTec inks EcoNova ID.
  Three heated parts guarantee control over the location of the print process drops.
  Great choice of print modes - from photographic quality 1440dpi to production quality print speeds up to 21m2/h.
  Stable print head carriage coming from a reputable manufacturer, together with high quality bearings ensure precise movement, minimal noise and durability.
  Hi-Speed USB interface allows data transfer with a maximum speed of 480Mbit/s and easy installation Plug & Play.
  Twin engine take up system allows the unwinding roll with a maximum weight up to 50 kg.
  Three sizes of print droplets ensure perfect print quality in both production as well as in photographic quality.
  High quality printing at resolutions of 1,440 dpi​.
  Printouts designed for interior and exterior.
  Precise, many point system media management ensures stable prints using virtually any media rolls.
  Manually adjusted print head height.
  Ink color configuration 2x CMYK.

New in model year 2018:

  New design for better functionality
  Digitallly controlled vacuum steering
  Communication interface USB 3.0
  Eight memory for saving settings of vacuum and temperature control
  New control of lifting the pressure rollers now possible from both side
  Antistatic treatment for using low cost media having problems with static electricity
  Even more stable construction for stable printing

Basic technical parameters:
Print head Epson DX5
Print technology piezoelectric, Epson VSDT - Variable Size Droplet Technology
Maximum printing width 160cm
Maximum media widht 162cm
Print modes - paper           21,1m2/h, 360x540dpi
- production  15,4m2/h, 360x720dpi
- hyperfine       7,2m2/h, 720x720dpi
Applicable types of inks Eco Solvent, Mild Solvent, Water based, Sublimation
Color system 1x CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black))
Heating and drying 3 heating parts (preheating, print, drying), infra dryer + fans
Communication interface USB 3.0
The distance of the head from media stepless adjustable
Software and RIP PrintExp, Photoprint DX
Power 220 - 240V, 50Hz, 10A
Weight 160kg
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