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Arabesk 7 upgrade z verze 6, licence

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The Arabesk Software is used to create Video DVDs and Blu-rays for years. The authoring software is very popular among the Casablanca-3 users and is available for both Windows Bogart, as well as Casablanca-3, Enterprise MAX HD and DVC systems. With the 7th generation of Arabesk, many users' wishes can be realized. Now the DVD/BD production is even more efficient - and even easier.

What is new for Arabesk 6 users in Arabesk 7:

  • There is now a disk preview for DVD and Blu-ray menus (without film encoding time).
  • Undo and redo function for the menu creation
  • Chapters are directly definable in the storyboard
  • The quality settings have been revised and moved to the "Disc projects" menu.
  • The data rate can be automatically adjusted to fit the free medium space. 
  • Reference images from Bogart scenes are used for and chapter thumbnails.
  • Templates can also be stored if there are less than four chapters.
  • Small single or multi-colored patterns are now tiled for the menu background.
  • Chapters with fixed intervals are now placed near a scene cut.
  • Chapters can now be selected conveniently with multiple selection.
  • When entering text, special characters can now be used.
  • The film position can now be changed even for Blu-ray's.
  • Even at locked and imported projects the menu screen will be displayed.
  • When adding movies no double selection is needed any more.
  • The closing of the drawer when leaving Arabesk can now be turned off.
  • DVD/BD's with two audio tracks can be created (eg German and English).
  • The automatic menu point selection when clicking on a switch can now be disabled.
  • In the Info display, also reference medium, total duration and quality are displayed.
  • The reference medium is more clearly shown and will be adjusted when changing the target format.
  • When designing the menu, colors and graphics now have a small preview.
  • Colors can now be picked up even from the current menu screen.
  • Now also 50p projects are supported and converted to burn in 25p.
  • Projects in the resolution 1280x720 can now be produced.
  • The 21:9 letterbox format is now supported for Blu-rays (with active Cinemascope extension).
  • Several small improvements and fixes (display number of warnings, frame colors changed ...).
  • Symbols in switches are now largely held in white for better visibility.
  • Locked projects can now also be deleted.

Minimum requirements: Casablanca with Bogart Version 8.3 / 7.6 / 6.8 / 5.14 or higher, and 2048 MB RAM)

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