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DTF film InkTec 60cm x 100m

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List Number: ETP-DTF-600HP
Price excluding VAT:€177.77
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DTF film InkTec 60cm x 100m

An ideal hot peel DTF film to use with modified desktop DTF printers to create a soft, flexible finish on textiles and other media.

An ideal universal, mass production hot peel DTF film, which works equally well for warm / cold peel. Recomended use with InkTec DTF ink and specialist DTF powder to create the ideal heat transfer onto a variety of media and various textile materials. Perfect for use with specialist DTF Printers and Shakers to create a soft, flexible finish on textiles and other media. It is the perfect heat transfer film, resistant to high temperatures for transfer onto various media: synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, eco-leather and more.

It features a high rate colour transfer, with distinct colour expression and wide gamut. Effective on both light and dark materials, its soft, durable touch creates an appealing finish for a myriad of promotional materials.

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